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  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black) iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black) iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black) iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black) iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)
  • iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)

iPhone 4/4S Case Basic(Black)

4.8 (32 reviews)


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Design your own iPhone case with the help of VivoPrint. You can personalize your iPhone case with family photos, corporate logos, and more. Upload your favorite photos with our easy-to-use design tool. A custom iPhone case is a great birthday present, wedding favor, or anniversary gift.

  • Fits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Easy access to controls and ports.
  • Built with hard plastic (polycarbonate).
  • Case snaps onto the back of the phone with a slight lip to protect the screen.
  • Available in white, black, and clear.
  • Size: 4.5" height x 2.43" width x .375" depth.
  • Photo area: 4.5" height x 2.25" width.


  • "Great service "

    Price and customer service is excellent

    Customer: Jan Few
  • "Easy to create."

    VivoPrint makes it easy to create really fun things and to personalize anything for cheap!

    Customer: payton wyatt
  • "I will definitely recommend Vivoprint."

    There was a mistake that occurred during checkout wherein expedited shipping was accidentally requested. Needless to say - this raised the price on the product substantially (though, I guess as part of the accident, I did not see this cost at checkout, but only later on my bank statement). When I called the company to ask what was happening, there was only a generic answering machine that did not identify the company I was calling. However, when I emailed, a response came back very quickly, the accident was corrected and the money was refunded that day. Excellent customer service. To top that off, the product was beautiful and my boyfriend was extremely happy with his cell phone case. I will definitely recommend Vivoprint.

    Customer: Shannon
  • "Picture quality "

    The picture on the phone case turned out lighter than the original picture. I expected it to show up better.

    Customer: Brenda
  • "I was disappointed with the quality of the phone case."

    I was disappointed with the quality of the phone case. The plastic is very thin and wont provide any protection to the phone if dropped. I will have to purchase another one, but for the time being, I'm using this since the pictures are on the back. The price was great, but as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". The cost was much cheaper than other sites, but the quality is cheap also. Sorry.

    Customer: Audrey
  • "I love my iphone cover"

    I customize my iphone cover and love it.

    Customer: Donna
  • "easy to use"

    I uploaded a picture of our boys to customize a phone cover as a gift for my husband for Christmas. He loved it!

    Customer: Elisa
  • "Great phone case!!"

    It was very easy and price was great!!

    Customer: Natalie
  • "Very affordable with great quality still"

    Very affordable with great quality still

    Customer: Sharon
  • "The product is great. "

    The product is great. The process of designing my phone, not so great. We did a "collage" type design. It was very difficult to manage.

    Customer: Lisa
  • "Great Customer Service "

    Allie She Was Really Nice and Answered All My Questions! And Changed The Order Because I Made A Mistake And She Made Sure I got A Clear Cover!

    Customer: Kunal Patel
  • "Great custom cell phone case. "

    Great custom cell phone case. Arrived in a very timely manner.

    Customer: Michelle
  • "Great!"

    Very please with my purchase

    Customer: Jessica, NC
  • "Just as pictured"

    Product was just as pictured in checkout.

    Customer: Roderick, NY
  • "I will use you again and again!"

    I ordered two phone cases and one mug. I am very happy with both and thrilled with the speed at which each was processed and shipped. The phone cases especially printed out sharp as a tack with deep clarity. My clients were happy! I will use you again and again!

    Customer: Melanie, GA
  • "very easy self explanatory."

    The website was very easy self explanatory.

    Customer: Jenette, CA
  • "Love my iPhone cover"

    Love my iPhone cover, it looks just as pictured.

    Customer: Teresa, TX
  • "fast shipping"

    fast shipping and great phone case

    Customer: Maegan, TX
  • "I am very pleased with the product and the customer service!"

    I was sent the wrong color of my iphone 4 personalized case. I contacted Vivo print and the correction was made and sent to my home immediately. I am very pleased with the product and the customer service!

    Customer: Kelly, NC
  • "Good job!"

    Good job! I loved all the products I received.

    Customer: Gary, CA
  • "Love it."

    Love my phone case!

    Customer: Laura, NY
  • "Very professional."

    I was very happy with the customer service.

    Customer: Miroslav, WI
  • "Will recommend!"

    I was amazed how fast VivoPrint produced two excellent custom iPhone cases! Will recommend!

    Customer: Vivienne Graham
  • "I LOVE the case."

    Great overall. The only problem I had was that there is a watermark on the back that I didn't see when I was making the case. Also the picture seems a bit faded. Other than that I LOVE the case. All my friends are like "where'd you get that case? It's awesome!"

    Customer: Tanner, OR
  • "the pricing, the shipping, the timing was perfect!!!!"

    I've ordered 5 cases and 4 came perfect. One was little off of center and probably because I failed to position it in dead center. That is why, perhaps, it would not be bad idea that you have an option, a button in the creating design process to click and align it to a center. Just suggestion. Everything else, the pricing, the shipping, the timing was perfect!!!! Thank you, will use your services again for sure.

    Customer: Anabela, NY
  • "Very pleased."

    great customer service!!!

    Customer: Pete, NM
  • "The case looks fine,"

    The case looks fine, however your site is not clear on shipping and I was wry disappointed with the time it took when I did not pay for standard and also only found out through customer service tha you were closed on the weekends. I was not pleased at all I'm just glad the person whose gift was late because of this liked it.

    Customer: Kayla, AL
  • "Love my iPhone cover..."

    Love my iPhone cover...already given 3 people your website because they loved my cover so much! Will most definetly buy another product from you !!!

    Customer: Holly, PA
  • "Thanks!!"

    I loved how clear the image was on the iPhone case I got for my friend. She absolutely loved the gift. Your website is very easy to use and I was impressed with how fast the product came and how in-expensive it was. Thanks!!

    Customer: Molly, ME
  • "Loved :-)"

    I loved all of the products I purchased from you.

    Customer: Kathy, OR
  • "So far I am very pleased with Vivoprint!"

    Everything I ordered was exactly what I received. All items were shipped on time, there was one problem with t-shirt printing. The customer support let me know that the shirts hadn't shipped, so I had to cancel the order. The customer service again was very helpful during this process. So far I am very pleased with Vivoprint!

    Customer: Danielle, VA
  • "Excellent service and products...."

    Excellent service and products....very pleased with my purchases. Thanks!

    Customer: Jeannie, MO
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