Back-to-School in Style


Personalized Gears from VivoPrint!

As summer draws to a close, anticipation of a new academic year fills the air. The back-to-school season symbolizes fresh beginnings, novel challenges, and the opportunity to craft enduring memories.

Make this upcoming school year stand out when you infuse your essentials with personalized flair using VivoPrint’s exclusive range of custom products! From creative and customizable notebooks to stylish laptop sleeves, from unique-you water bottle designs to personalized compact mirrors, VivoPrint offers awesome customized products to get you ready for the back to school season.

Large Notebook

Personalized Notebooks: Unleash Your Creativity

Every remarkable academic odyssey begins with an empty page, awaiting your spark of knowledge and inspiration. VivoPrint’s personalized notebooks serve as the ideal canvas for your thoughts, dreams, and ambitions. Opt for 2 different sizes, the white cover provides outstanding printing result. Whether you’re transcribing lecture notes, brainstorming innovative ideas, or giving life to your artistic expressions, a customized notebook adds an element of individuality to your daily routine. Imagine opening a notebook adorned with your name, a motivational mantra, or even an image that inspires – it’s certain to ignite your enthusiasm for learning.

Custom Water Bottles: Quench Your Thirst for Style

Staying hydrated is pivotal for sustaining focus and vitality throughout your academic day. VivoPrint’s custom water bottles not only keep you hydrated in style but also minimize your ecological footprint. Select from a slew of sleek designs and vibrant hues, then personalize your bottle with your name, a motivational maxim, or a cherished quote. These personalized water bottles not only rejuvenate your spirits but also share your uniqueness with the world.

32 oz. Wide Mouth Water Bottle
Custom Power Bank 10000 mAh

Power Banks: Empower Your Efficiency

In our tech-driven world, access to a dependable power source for electronic gadgets is key. Don’t sap your battery! VivoPrint presents a variety of custom power banks that not only ensure your devices remain charged but also mirror your sweet style. Whether you’re navigating back-to-back classes or moving all over campus, a customized power bank guarantees uninterrupted study and functionality. Personalize your power bank with your initials, a playful design, or custom images – a useful accessory that also articulates your identity!

Laptop Sleeves: Preserve with Panache

Your laptop is always going to keep you company, safeguarding your notes, textbooks, apps, media, and so much more. It’s your hub for learning and imagination!. Protect your laptop with VivoPrint’s personalized laptop sleeves that not only shield against scratches and minor impacts but also serve as a platform for expressing your identity. Select a design that resonates with your persona, whether it’s a minimalist pattern or exuberant artwork. Elevating your laptop sleeve with a personalized touch transforms an ordinary accessory into a statement piece that stands by you on your educational journey.

13" Laptop Sleeve
Compact Mirror - Sunburst

Custom Compact Mirrors: Reflect Your Distinctiveness

Education is key, but so is your confidence on campus! An occasional touch-up during the day can make you look good, feel good, and study great. VivoPrint’s custom compact mirrors are tailor-made for quick checks on the go. These personalized mirrors come in assorted shapes and designs, so you can choose one that mirrors your personality. Personalize each with a monogram, an uplifting word, or a cherished image. Whether you’re gearing up for a presentation or simply aiming to exude confidence all day, a personalized compact mirror is a convenient and chic accessory.

Back-to-school season marks the start of fresh journeys and renewed energy. By adding personalized VivoPrint products into your daily routine, you can ensure that this academic year becomes an indelible memory. From personalized notebooks that ignite creativity to laptop sleeves that safeguard with style, these custom items enhance both practicality and individuality. With customized water bottles to keep you refreshed and power banks to keep you connected, VivoPrint’s product assortment guarantees you’ll be ready to study in style.

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