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Design Tool Tutorial

This brief tutorial outlines how to use the VivoPrint Design Tool. The tool lets you customize products with photos, illustrations, messages, and more. With VivoPrint’s help you can create your own iPhone cases, Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, magic mugs, compact mirrors, and more! Continue reading to learn how to get started.

Upload Photos

To upload your photos, scroll over the first image in the upload photos section and click the upload icon. From here, you can browse your computer and select an image to upload. Listed below are the image functions:

  • Up, down, left, right arrows: Use arrows to move your image. You can also use your mouse to drag the image.
  • Curved arrows: Turn your image clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • + / - buttons: Increase and decrease the size of your image.
  • Delete: Click the delete button on the image you would like to remove.
  • Warning message: The image you uploaded is too small for the product; you can upload a larger image or ignore the message.
Add Text

Enter your desired text in the input field under the Add Text tab (character limit is based on design). Listed below are the add text functions:

  • + / - buttons: Increase and decrease the size of your text.
  • Color: Use the color wheel to select the text color. First, select the inside and then the outside color.
  • Remove: Select the unwanted text to be deleted.
Select Color, Finish, or Size

Complete your design by selecting the product size, color, or finish. You can then enter the quantity and add the product to your shopping cart.

Review Your Product

You can click on the images below the main picture to view your finished product from multiple angles. To start over, click the back button or use the crumb trail to go back to the main category page. You can review all your designs in the shopping cart before purchase. If you have any additional questions, call customer support at (877) 836 - 5992 or contact us.